Theatre Awards Night 2022

This year’s SHS Theatre Awards Night was held on Thursday, May 12. Here are our honorees & winners from the event:


Drama Club New Inductees

Conrad Abee     Alyssa Brinlee     Jordyn Brown     Kat Curry     Victor Gaona

Drama Club Honor Stars

First Star:

Carlee Edwards     Victor Gaona     Kate Jamar    Shiloh Schroeder     Ayla Witt

Second Star:

Michelle Holloway     Donley Romo     Connor Burns

Third & Fourth Star:

James Brown

Varsity Honors

Conrad Abee     James Brown     Carlee Edwards

Victor Gaona     Kate Jamar     Donley Romo

2022 – 2023 Drama Club Officers

Treasurer – Ayla Witt               Secretary – Alyssa Brinlee

Vice President – Kat Curry               President – Talon Hensley

Thespian of the Year

James Brown

Director’s Awards

Most Promising Newcomer – Victor Gaona

Most Improved – Michelle Holloway

Leadership Award – Carlee Edwards

Spotlight Award – Donley Romo

Theatre Productions Awards

Most Spirit – Victor Gaona

Best Understudy – Donley Romo, Flowers for Algernon

Backstage Award – Ayla Witt, Stage Manager, Alice in America-Land

Best Performer in a Minor Role – Conrad Abee, The Duke, Alice in America-Land

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Talon Hensley, The White Rabbit, Alice in America-Land

Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Shiloh Schroeder, The Red Queen, Alice in America-Land

Best Actor in a Lead Role – Victor Gaona, Charlie Gordon, Flowers for Algernon

Best Actress in a Lead Role – Carlee Edwards, Alice, Alice in America-Land

Graduating Seniors

Conrad Abee       James Brown     Carlee Edwards     Michelle Holloway     Shiloh Schroeder


Congratulations to all of our honorees & winners!

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