Coming Soon: ‘Alice in America-Land’

The high school branch of the Tiger Theatre troupe opens their season with ‘Alice in America-Land’, a lively 1990’s themed interpretation of the much-adored Lewis Carroll classic. In our version, written by Dennis Snee, Alice journeys through the picture tube of her family’s television, which has been left on MTV, and meets a colorful collection of characters. Though she enjoys herself at first, Alice quickly begins to realize that this new world is as confusing as it is intriguing. Just when it seems as though the world of America-Land will drive her as mad as its inhabitants, she awakens, safe at home. A fanciful, biting, always funny tale of Alice that will delight audiences in its contemporary form.

Performances will be on Friday and Saturday, November 19 and 20 at 7:00 PM in the Smithville Elementary Cafetorium. Tickets are $5 and should be purchased in advance at:

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