Coming Soon: ‘Chamber Music’

The junior high branch of the Tiger Theatre troupe is sure to impress with their premiere performance on Thursday, November 11th at 6:00 PM in the SJHS Cafetorium.

The play, ‘Chamber Music’ by Arthur Kopit, concerns eight famous women from different historical periods who are all being held in the same insane asylum. The women are — or at least believe they are — author Gertrude Stein, martyr Joan of Arc, activist Susan B. Anthony, singer Constanze Mozart (wife of the famed composer), pilot Amelia Earhart, silent-film actress Pearl White, and explorer Osa Johnson. At a planning meeting set to discuss the interests of women of the asylum, they instead speculate about an impending attack they think is soon to come from the men’s ward. It’s believed that ‘Chamber Music’ was written in order to point out the unjust treatment of women throughout history.

Tickets are $5 and should be purchased in advance at:

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